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« He has a comprehensive knowledge of VCs, both quantitative and qualitative, he knows each of them: positioning, relational, amounts invested, sectors invested … His relationship facilitates making contact with VCs, makes more fluid exchanges with them: « more relaxed ». His human qualities allow him to have empathy with the project and a commitment with the founders. He is not only an adviser, but a real ally. » Jerry NieuviartsMAPADO CO-FOUNDERS

« Julien has the ability to quickly understand things and analyze them, it’s very pleasant to work like that, especially in emergency situations. The documents he creates are synthesized, and that relieves me a lot. In general, his co-piloting relieves us a lot. It’s not like a classic fundraiser guy, but rather like a booster and advisory force in difficult times. His interpersonal skills, relaxed but serious. Its network of VCs and its ability to make it grow. It has a real monitoring methodology. I particularly appreciate his post-meeting-VC debriefs, to be able to improve our speech, it’s really a great operation »Jeremy GuillaumeCEO Snapkin

« VCs do not see Julien as a « serial fundraiser » because he chooses his startups and he does not present them anything. He is not just a matchmaker who lets startups do their own thing. It also updates VCs and meets them regularly on other topics and builds lasting relationships. Beyond VCs, he knows lots of entrepreneurs, who can give hands-on both the lifting and to refine the business vision of its nuggets. His side very « human » and down to earth is a big asset in my opinion »Nicolas RossetMAPADO CO-FOUNDER